• Ken Newman

Let's get some Horn Players in here

As I am selecting examples from my past work to put on this new site I am struck again by the seismic changes in Music Production in the last 20 years.

In 2004 when we needed a trumpet part for Sacare Una Foto we brought in the aptly named David Hooter (yes really) whose brilliant trumpet playing you can hear on Sacare Una Foto. Now in 2019 I am working on a new song "Hush Now" with the fabulous Yani and I am using the Native Instrument Session Horns plug-in with Abelton. The horn parts are all sketched into Abelton and then the articulation controls are set for legato, rip, staccato and Marcissi aand slow fall. As a music producer suddenly I have control over all the playing subtlety that used to be delivered by Senor Hooter - that's terrifying. On the plus side I can spend hours tinkering with the articulation controls without breaking the production budget.

This website/blog will be where I put my musings about music production, some video tutorials, and examples from current projects.

If you are interested in my Music Production and you are not a Russian Troll Farmer then please subscribe.

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